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9 Years of experience in advertising service.

The Spectrum is a fully integrated provider of marketing, PR, events, advertising, and entertainment services with the ambition to take promotion to new heights.


‘The Spectrum's’ Co-Founders

Our agency is committed to providing personalized solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each and every client. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and as such, we take the time to get to know our clients and develop marketing strategies that are specifically designed to help them achieve their goals.

-Rahul Raushan

‘The Spectrum's’ Co-Founders

At our agency, we are dedicated to delivering results. We believe that success is measured not just in terms of the number of clicks or likes, but by the impact that our campaigns have on our clients' bottom line. We are constantly monitoring and analyzing the data to ensure that we are delivering the best possible results.

-Tushar Kapoor

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Strategic Planning

We support the creation of thorough marketing plans that are in line with the objectives and target market of our clients.


Creative Campaigns

We offer assistance with conceptualising and carrying out cutting-edge, interesting, and multi-platform advertising campaigns.


Branding and Identity

We create distinctive brand identities and eye-catching graphic components.


Media Buying and Placement

To maximise reach and impact, we assist in determining the best media channels and negotiating placements.


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  • Creative Excellence

    We emphasize your agency's innovative approach to creative campaigns, illustrating how you think outside the box to capture attention and create memorable experiences.

  • Multi-channel Expertise

    We highlight your proficiency in creating integrated campaigns across various platforms, both online and offline, ensuring consistent messaging.

  • Transparent Communication

    In order to keep clients informed and active throughout the project lifecycle, we want to recognise your dedication to clear and open communication.